This is a really easy and simple hairstyle that I wear when my hair is a little greasy or if I just feel like having it all neatly tucked back and out of my way. I love braids - they make it look you tried really hard when really it just takes a few seconds!

How to:

1. French braid a big section of your hair starting at the top of one ear and working towards the other ear.
2. Keep braiding past the ear and around the base of your neck until you reach the ear you started at.
3. Braid the rest of the loose hair and tie with a clear elastic.
4. Twist and tuck the loose braided part around the back of your head however you want and pin it in place
5. Voila!

I know these directions are a little bit confusing so if you have any questions or want a tutorial just comment or e-mail me!

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