Hello! I am so incredibly excited to begin this blogging journey. I have such a passion for shopping and styling that most of my friends couldn’t take my constant talking about fashion anymore, so I came here. I can’t wait to put up my first post and start to really express myself through fashion and even the occasional recipe. 

Before I start, I would like to explain my style a little bit. The thing I love about fashion is that it is truly an expression of me and how I am feeling that day. Feelings and emotions aren't static, therefore my style could be preppy one day and boho the next. Maybe I start my morning listening to Fleetwood Mac, so that day I go for a more boho-rocker look. Sometimes my style for the day is inspired by such seemingly insignificant things, but that is why fashion is so amazing - there are no rules, and every day you can display a different facet of yourself to the world.

I named by blog Alexandra Rosaria because 1) It's my first and middle name and 2) I did not think that some witty combination of words about style or fashion would be able to adequately describe what I hope this blog will be. I don't want this blog to just be about the new skirt I bought (which, by the way, is super cute), I want this blog to also be a reflection of myself. I want to express myself through my style, and maybe if I'm lucky someone else will appreciate what I've put together. I hope you guys like what I'm planning on doing and I can not wait to put up my first outfit post! 


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